• 180

    Its Business Time

    This Group for our business team.
    led by Ramon Stewart

  • 237

    Happiness all around

    This group for funny lovers.
    led by Jesper Audibert

  • 253

    When is the Party

    Group for party lovers. who wants to enjoy parties
    led by George Mestas

  • 229

    Counter Strike Batch

    This Group for those members who love to play Counter Strike.
    led by Georgia Reid

  • 212

    Rocking Family

    All family members please join this group and keep in touch.
    led by Jack Welch

  • 211

    All Us Single

    Only Singles join this group for funny and entertainment conversation.. ;-)
    led by Aaliyah Mann

  • 245

    Hungry For Shopping

    This group for them who want to be more shopping
    led by Lucy Allan

  • 623

    Love to Watch Animated Movies

    This is a group for all those who love to watch animated movies.

    Animation is the process of creating a continuous motion and shape change[Note 1] illusion by means of the rapid display of a sequence of static images that minimally differ from each othe...  more
    led by Michelina Costa

  • 450

    Painting is my Passion

    A group for all who love to paint.
    led by Silvio Mancini

  • 553

    Swimming is my Love

    The sport of swimming has been recorded since prehistoric times; the earliest recording of swimming dates back to Stone Age paintings from around 100,000 years ago. Written references date from 2000 BC. Some of the earliest references to swimming include ...  more
    led by Larry Mack